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Arundel One-day Trip | Arundel Castle, Tearoom and nearby | England,UK🇬🇧

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Hey guys,

finally I finished the 2nd post about England.

Arundel is a very old town which is very suitable for one-day trip and also a good place to take pictures. But checking the weather forecast is still neccesary.

It was a pity that we came here on a cloudy day and it had drizzled for a few hours.

Jen made a bread with cheese and bacon, and we bought a hot tea from train station for our breakfast. ( btw, tea with milk in Taiwan is much more expensive 🥛)

The main itinerary at this town is to have a look around the castle, and of course my favorite tea time. Arundel is a small town so no one checks the ticket at the train station. It only takes less than 15 minutes on foot to the castle, but Jen and I walked around the church first and then walked to the entrance of the castle.

After all, as a wanderer who loves traveling around on foot , it is better to stop and go slowly. We need to engrave all our feelings in our minds without rushing.

Yeh, we were not here for the performance targets.

Arundel Castle

Let's talk about the historical background before arriving at the castle. Arundel Castle is a territory owned by the family of the Duke of Norfolk for more than 400 years. (So ​​we can also see the family photos of the current Duke in their room.) There are two kinds of tickets, you can choose enter the castle and garden or only visit the garden. Jen said that she came here many times and didn't buy a ticket to get into the castle.

But I really wanted to visit it, so we bought two. (how kind of her!) The following link is the video I took casually about the castle and the riverside nearby.

I am considering to buy a better three-axis stabilizer. (vlogging is a big challenge for me. In fact, it was a casual record at the beginning, so I only had to hold it with a selfie stick.)

In fact, the oldest part of the castle (the tower) was built a thousand year ago, and it has been rebuilt several times because of so many wars.

Of course, my favorite part of the whole building is the British style library! Until now, it's still a choice for entertaining important foreign guests. We discussed that the ticket is so expensive, but for the huge monument which needs to be repaired, including the entire grass, trees and even gardens. As long as you walks around, you can find they maintain the castle very well. In addition to the garden, there is a small rose garden next to the entrance. As for the closed private area behind, it is actually a very large grassland if you secretly look inside.

The aristocratic spirit of Europeans is still very commendable. This is the part that I have been looking forward to having in our culture for a long time.


Belinda’s tea room

And, it's time to have a pot of tea! We saw an old-looking tea room on the roadside. I ordered a Victoria sponge cake which I love the best.

Though many people think that the UK is a food desert, I have to say their refreshments and tea are among the best. (forget all the other food…)

Never trust a skinny cook. ♡

🫖 Belinda’s Tea Rooms


In order to wait for the train, we went to the surrounding river to stroll around and ended the day.

If you are looking forward to touching the world with your feet and eyes, Arundel is a good choice.

by Louise L. (Akuai)

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