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SUSUMU CAKE | Recommended Photo Spots inTaoyuan, Taiwan

hey guys,

On the way to Taipei, we passed by Longtan in Taoyuan and visited SUSUMU CAKE.

Strawberry Matcha Milk


In a small alley, there was a building with all-white walls, resembling the streamlined design of the Taichung Opera House or the Weiwuying National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts.

portrait photograpy in SUSUMU CAKE


How does it cost?

The three of us ordered three drinks and a chiffon cake 😃:

  • Mango Creme Brulee Vanilla Chiffon $250

  • Strawberry Sparkling Drink $140

  • Strawberry Matcha Milk $160

  • Mango Matcha Milk $160

Total: $710 (absolutely US$23)

I won’t list the menu, but the cost-performance ratio is quite high. The prices are reasonable, the drinks are delicious, and the cake is very tasty.

SUSUMU started from a market, now they have their own shop.



portrait photograpy in SUSUMU CAKE


This photo was taken across the table from a lady.

Every corner can be well utilized, the only downside is that the lighting is too yellow Q.Q


portrait photograpy in SUSUMU CAKE


Here, there are self-service water cups and alcohol for use. However, a reminder for those planning to visit, SUSUMU does not accept commercial photography!


portrait photograpy in SUSUMU CAKE





portrait photograpy in SUSUMU CAKE

SUSUMU accepts LINE PAY for payment.

For the complete photo collection, click here 🌸 🌸


— This post is not sponsored, just a personal visit —

see u soon ya~

by Louise L.(Akuai)

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