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Unveiling Taipei's Hidden Gems: A Seaside Photoshoot Adventure at #Huimadam

Capturing the Essence of Taipei's Coastal Beauty

Embarking on a quest for vibrant photos amidst the challenges of color grading, this Taipei journey was exclusively dedicated to the enchanting #Huimadam.

Discover the story behind each shot, from the elegant white gown, a studio prop, to the captivating beach, strategically captured during the low tide hours.

Climb ladders, navigate spontaneous creative decisions, and explore the unexpected treasures found in the heart of Taipei.

Join me in this visual adventure, as we delve into the beauty of a black sandy beach dress and a Japanese-style striped pajama, both studio props adding unique elements to the photoshoot.

While the photo count may be modest, the experience was rich, offering a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes world of capturing Taipei's coastal allure.

Curious about the cost?

It's 3000 for a 3-hour session at the charming Huimadam in New Taipei City.

Please note that having a car makes the journey more convenient.



Stay tuned for more visual narratives and photographic escapades with Louise L. (Akuai) as we uncover Taipei's hidden gems, one spot at a time. 📸 #TaipeiSpot #HuimadamAdventure #HiddenGemsTaipei



Where is the HUIMADAME?

No. 54-6, Tudigongkeng, Sanzhi Dist., New Taipei City 252002, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

by Louise L.(Akuai)

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